About Kazuki James


The man bechind the camera



Kaz has been a part of the scene in Manchester famous gay village since 2012. Before settling in Manchseter his worked as a touring guitarist for show bands in holiday parks around the UK as well as working as a theatre technician and sound engineer. Photography has always been a part of Kaz's life. His uncle Brian Leathley-Andrew has made a name for his wedding portraits so it worked out nicley that once settled in Manchester his photographic work took off.



A regular on the club scene Kaz began asking friends that ran night clubs if they didnt mind him taking his SLR camera in to take photographs of his friends and their night out. He started a facebook page to share his photographs of nights out in the village and slowly people began visiting just to see his photos. Gaining the atention of many local club nights on social media he was soon asked to return and regulally photograph various club nights for a variety of social scene from bears to the kinky rubber boys.


He now holds a reputation as an LGBT community photographer he has strong connections Manchester’s gay village centred on Canal Street. Kaz's creative nightclub work has also seen him work for various LGBT events, theatre, music and drag performance in Manchester. Charity auctions of Kaz’s photographic prints have benefited The George House Trust and mental health charity Mind Manchester. Life long touring, guitarist and sound engineer Kaz has also produced a charity music video’s dedicated to The Albert Kennedy Trust in collaboration with stop motion animator Daniel James. His first album featuring Australian vocalist Shaun Holton is currently in production.